Faber-Castel Polychromos and Caran D'Ache Luminance pencils
Faber-Castel Pastels and Pan Pastels
On archival quality Stonehenge paper  11 x 14 


From your photo reference or mine:

Photos must be crisp and clear
Photos must show the eyes of the subject clearly
The Best photos also show the character or personality of the subject

Average amount of time to complete a portrait is 1-2 weeks depending on my schedule. Very large pieces require more time.  

Once you approve the layout, quote is given and deposit is due.

Updates on your piece will be messaged to you so that you can follow the progress. 

Shipping within the US: $15 and up (depending upon weight and size if mailed flat) extra charges such as rural delivery fees may apply. I use USPS. 

             Non-refundable deposit 50% of work (minus shipping) required to begin

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Susan Averre

Susan is a self taught artist who only picked up her pencils in June of 2015 when she closed up her grade book for the last time following 26 years as a social studies teacher. 

She is also an internationally recognized medium for over 15 years, who specializes in doing Spirit Portraits for clients in sessions by linking in with the loved one in spirit, then drawing in a light trance state- either the Spirit who she has connected with or someone they have brought through for the sitter. These 4 minute sketches are generally recognized by clients who later supply photos to show the similarity to their loved one. The portrait becomes part of the evidence of survival of the human spirit. 

Susan began to study portraiture to improve her Spirit Art, but found something interesting- in doing portraits from photos, she is able to capture the personality or essence of the subject in a way that defies explanations beyond 'other worldly help.'

Training in Mediumship

Arthur Findlay, UK

De Zwanenhof, NL

Lily Dale, NY, USA

Training in Art


To view current works in progress, visit FB page.